Teachings/ ( Advice like Nectar),Sugunopasana (Worship of Virtues),Bhajanas and Devotion of P.P.(Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya) Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj.
                                    # By praying and worshopping Sagun God, man should attain his purpose of life and success. He will not have Brahmasakshatkar (Realization of revelation) with prayer and worshipof God. The king is proud of his Seat (Sovereignty) and His laws (Principles) as like God is proud of His sagun form and science of Vedas. King is not a Seat only, it is true, but without it he can not be a king and the Seat has no value (Importance) without a King. The King is happy when His people of his country follow (Observe) the laws and The God is happy when the they observe (Follow) the principles laws of Science and Vedas. For this purpose as per the order (Teachings) of Science and Vedas – worship God and Find Happiness.
                                    # GOD and GURU (Teacher) must be worshipped through out and up to the End of Life.
                                    # Don’t think about the Holy book whether it is in Sanskrit or Prakrut (Local Language).Try to research its meaning. Being ethics and code of behaviour vanished (become extinct), mere recitation of Vedas has no use as expected. But the literature, holy books written by the ascetics (sages / hermits) are useful to a great extent. Shri Dnyaneshwari, Shri Nath Bhagvat, and Shri Dasbodh are the Prasadik (Holy and Blessed) Holy books. Their daily  and regular reading will make your mind pure and you will realise Bhakti (adoration / devotion) and will get Salvation (Mukti).
                                    # Pray and worship God by heart and mind.
                                    # Be united and Pray and Sing hymns to Lord Datta Digambar regularly.


The Epitome (A Brief Summary) of the whole Advice.


                                        # To get salvation is the aim of the human Birth.
                                        # To make mind stable and peaceful, one should observe the classwise religions with their ethics.
                                        # Regular act of hearing, meditation and Nididhyasan.
                                        # Longing and passion will be reduced (diminished) by listening to the Vedas carefully.
                                        # Progress (ascent) is achieved by pure and virtuous tendency.
                                        # To make the tendency holy, virtuous and pure you should pay special attention to the holy meals (Diet) i.e. Hit (Advisable)   .(light) and Medhya (Holy / Purely veg).
                                        # The signs to realization that our temperament has become pure and virtuous are as follows – with deep faith on self religion we should practice bath, Sandhya (ritual), worship of God, Panchmahayagya punctually, receiving (Welcome) Guests,Cow-worship, service to father and Mother, Listening to Kirtan, Holy talks, Bhajan, Puran, Speaking nicely and softly to all, behaving like not to trouble others, ladies by living in father-in-law’s house, they should serve and respect Mother-in-law and Father-in-law and all elders and follow their orders and serve husband with deep belief and faith etc are the sings of being pure and virtuous.
                                        # Though business is done to earn a living like trade,
                                        # Farming, service, or any other business, we should not give up action with Vedas’ principles and wise counsel (From GURU).
                                        # Self action purifies the heart.
                                        # Worship, prayer and devotion are stabilized when the heart is purified.
                                        # When the mind is calmed down, one gets self-Knowledge (realization). One who will behave this way will be completely Happy and Blessed.


Shri P.P.(Paramhans Parivrajakacharya) Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj.