Projects  which are Completed (Complete Projects)


The Birthplace of Shri Swami Maharaj

                  The house in whice shri P.P.Vasudevanand Saraswati and His Brother P.Pu.Seetaram Maharaj were born, was restored (Renewalled) by Late H.H.Indirabai Holkar in 1940.the building was too old (Dilapidated) and the then board of Trustees decided to restore it. The work of restoration started in 2000 A.D. and was completed in December 2002 under the initiative of (Leadership of) the then Chairman V.Y.Aabaji Bandekar. On the auspicious day December 27, 2002. Five – metal idol of Swamiji was installed at His Birthplace. At that time Kalasharohan ceremony (Pitcher installation on the Capstone) was performed at the hands of   Shri P.P.Kalikanand Tirtha from Kolhapur,Shri P.P. Damodaranand Saraswati -  Ugar-khurd.  Shri Datta Santha - Garudeswar, Shri Vasudev Niwas – Pune, Shri Rangavadhut Maharaj Sansthan – Nareshwar, Shri Nrusinha Saraswati Sansthan – Karanja, Shri P.Pu.Seetaram Maharaj Tembye Swami Maharaj Sansthan – Badnera-Ziri all these state officials from Swamiji’s Family were present on this occasion. The function was celebrated enthusiastically with a fanfare.

With the help of all the work of restoration has been completed at the expenditure of Rs.35 Lakhs.


Rest House For The Devotees

                   The experiences and realisation about Swami Maharaj have made people to visit Mangaon increasingly.Many different festivals were celebrated in the Datta Temple and thousands of devotees would visit it. The then  5 Room  building was insufficient for the devotees and the Parayan (Reading and Recital) of  the holy books of Swamiji.For  this purpose ‘a new building was essential ( required) With appeal ( request)for donation, the building of Rest House was completed within two years. The expenditure was Rs.30 lakhs. This Rest House building consists of 21 rooms and each room can accommodate 5 to 6 devotees.There is enough facility of bathrooms and toilets. (Bathrooms and toilets are available here.)also there are cots beddings available in each room.The charge (rental money) for one room for one person a day is Rs. 50/-. The rooms are provided for meditation Reading and Recital of Holy books for religious rites, for service of the God, and or the Darshan (sight) of God for one to three days and Reading and Recital over a week for one week.


Annapurna Bhavan

                   The number of Devotees are visiting Mangaon Datta temple increasingly because of the Blessings,experiences of fulfilment and realisation of Swamiji .Also they are visiting Mangaon  for Annual festivals on a large scale. The existing Dining Hall was inadequate so a new spacious hall was under taken in 2004 and was completed within 5 years. Now 500 devotees in the lower hall and 1000 devotees in upper hall can take their holy lunch or Dinner at one time. The ground floor of the same building consists of a well equipped office and Annadan (Giving food) hall. There is a hall for the office of the Trustees and the rituals of Mounji bandhan(Upnayn) Shanti. Also bathrooms ,toilets and (accommodation) rooms are available. The Building is named after the Swamiji’s wife Annapurna as “The Annapurna Bhavan”


Vedpathshala Bhavan
(School Building for the study and learning of Vedas)


                   The trust wanted to open a school for study of Vedas.For the residence of students Teachers (Guruji),Priests in Temple,the cooks and devotees ,it was necessary to have a big building. And it was completed in 2011 AD. There are 15 rooms, having another rooms inside. Each room has the facility of bathroom and toilet. There is a big (spacious) hall for the learning of students The expenditure is Rs 50 lakhs. 



(Residence For the Ascetics) 

                   There was no arrangement of stay for the Yatis (Ascetics) according to their holy behaviour. As per their code of behaviour it was necessary to have a separate arrangement. One Yatikuti has been built beside the Vedapathshala (school for study of Vedas). It consists of a Hall, Two rooms with bathrooms and toilets.           

The expenditure is Rs. 10 Lakhs.      



The Monumental Temple of Shri P.P. Nandodkar Maharaj 


                  P.P. Nandodkar Swami Maharaj was the immense devotee of Shri Tembye Swami Maharaj. For the devotion towards Swami Maharaj and to stay in His Vicinity, he lived in Mangaon. He propagated the work of Swami Maharaj. He installed (fixed) the beaten  gold on the caostone of the Temple. He started the one/ three/ seven day Yagas every year since 1972 on the order of Swami Maharaj. The Trust still continue to perform the Yagyas even after the death of Nandodkar Swami. Now-a- days a three day Yagya is performed in the month of Magha every year. The festival is increasing to a great extent. Thousands of devotees visit Mangaon for this ceremony. They dedidate everything i.e. Body (physical service).Mind (Meditation) and Funds (Money). The memorial Temple (Monumental) of Shri Nandodkar maharaj is built near the Datta Temple. Recently. The idol of Shri Nandodkar Swamiji has been installed in the Temple.         


Shri  P.P. Vasudevanand Saraswati Maharaj Library    


                   Shri Swami Maharaj has written so many books.(Holy books) Besides there are many books written by  great men based on Maharaj’s life and work. Monthly, Tri-monthly, Annual Magazines publish the writings about Swami Maharaj and Shree Datta Temple. There are many holy books available in the library about Shri Datta  Maharaj.Thousands of devotees come and stay in Mangaon in the charitable Rest House for Meditation, Reading and Recital of Holy books for peace- making. The then Board of Trustees decided to open a library.A library named as “Shri P.P. Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj Library” has been started in March 2011. All the Holy books of Shri Swami Maharaj, magazines, Tri-monthly magazines and other books about Datta Temple and the other Datta Holy places are available in the library. They are available for you to read there only in library.