।।  श्री गणेशदत्तगुरुभ्योनम:  ।।

                    As per wish of Lord Dattatrya, the next incarnation of Shri Paramhans Parivyajakachary (Shri P.P.),[ The Supreme title given to the Ascetic ] Nrusinha Saraswati became in Mangaon. Of course it was in form of Son of Shri Ganesh Bhatta & Sou (Mrs.) Ramabai. He was Vasudevshastri Tembye, of course our Thorale ( Senior ) Maharaj means Shri P. P. Vasudevanand Saraswati Maharaj after his renunciation of the word ( when he became Ascetic ).
                     Shri Vasudev Shastri had such a greatness that Shree Datta Maharaj lived with Him for seven years after the foundation of Shree Datta Temple in Mangaon & Mangaon ( Village ) became a Holy Place.
                     There are many who have became incarnated in Shree Datta Denomination. But Shri Vasudev shastri after renunciation Shri Paramhansa Pariwrajakachary ( P. P. ) Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembye Swami Maharaj experienced all the four Aashrams ( Four stages of Life ) & became the form of Lord Dattatraya. In the current world, full of worldly pleasures anyone can go & reach the form of Lord Datta or GOD & Swami Maharaj is an Ideal example of it.
                     He propagated and spread the Eternal Religion in the British Regime. He created scriptures (many Holy books). He set the daily rituals in various Datta places in India. He guided many people to lead on right path. He did a great work in his life. His ideal behavior made Him ideal Ascetic of all.
                     His Wife was a virtuous and ascetic woman and was expert in Yogavidaya (Study of Yogas ). She had practiced Yogasadhana ( Study of Yogas ) upto profound meditation. She passed away (Put on end to Her life) in Gangakhed (Holy city in Parabhani district of Maharashtra,India ).
                     The younger brother of Swami Maharaj, Seetaram alias Bholoba who afterwards became Parampujya Bramhmibhut ( Reverend ) ( P.Pu. ) was also Swamiji’s disciple. He was a bachelor. His biography is worth studying. He was absorbed in meditation (Put on end to His life) in Badnera – Ziri at Amaravati district in Maharashtra,India. Both Shri P.P. Tembye Swami Maharaj & Shri P.Pu. Bramhmibhut Seetaram Maharaj were born in Mangaon.

Shree Datta Mandir , Mangaon.   Shree Devi Yakshini
Thorale Maharaj   Sitaram Maharaj
Sau.Annapurnamata   Prabodhini

                    Goddess Yakshini – One of the Yoginis in service of Shri P.P. Nrusinha Saraswati, was the main deity. Shri P.P. Nrusinha Saraswati told Her to go to Mangaon & settle a village because His next incarnation would become in Mangaon. As per His wish Goddess Yakshini became the village deity of Mangaon. And Temple of Yakshini in Mangaon is only such shrine in the country. The birth place of Shri P.P. Tembye Swami & Shri P.Pu.Brahmibhut Seetaram Maharaj & Village deity Shri Yakshini Temple are very close to each other. And east – oriented Shree Datta Temple is only 200 Meter away from the birth place of Shri P.P. Tembye Swami Maharaj. The Temple was founded by Shri P.P. Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembye Swami Maharaj.
                     To provide you with all above information we have launched a website. It was inaugurated on the birth anniversary of Shri P.P. Tembye Swami Maharaj – Shrawan Vadya Panchami 1933 [ Shrawan – Fifth Month Of Hindu Calendar, Vadya Panchami – Fifth day of Second part of Month from Full Moon Day] , ( Dated 19-08-2011 ) at the Holy place Mangaon.
                    The websites of other Trusts, Datta places & Devotees are linked with our website, we congratulate and thank all them. There are many who have co-operated & lent their helping hand to the Trust to launch ( Create ) this website directly or indirectly. Innumerable persons have Co-operated with us so it is not possible for us to mention their names. We congratulate and thank them all.
                     The information on the website is not for commercial use. It will be available only for the Devotees sake & for personal use.

Thank you all !

Dr. R. J. Ganpatye
Shree Datta Mandir, Mangaon.

Website Publication ( Marathi ) - Shrawan Vadya Panchami Shake 1933. ( Dated 19-08-2011 )
Website Publication ( English ) – Chaitra Krishna Navami Shake 1934. ( Dated 12-04-2012 )

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