Future Plans ( Projects )


The Pandal in front of the office

                   The trust office is in front of the Shree Datta Temple but currently there is no Pandal (shed). The same road leads to the Shree Datta Temple and the devotees have to face difficulties like hot sun or heavy rains while standing in the queue. The Board of trustees is planning to erect a permanent Pandal with roofing Sheets.

The estimate is Rs 3 Lakhs.


The Pandal (Shed) in front of the Birth place of Swamiji.

                   There is a small temporary pandal in front of the birth-place. At the time of festival, the place becomes inadequate (Short) for the crowd of devotees. The Birth Anniversary and the Death Anniversary of Swamiji occur in the rainy season hence the devotees have to face the inconvenience (Difficulties). For this it is essential to erect a permanent steel pandal with cement sheets. This will provide the sufficient area (space) for the devotees to perform Yagyas,Meditation,  To have the Darshan (Holy Sight) of Swamiji.

The estimate is Rs 3 Lakhs.


Shree Datta Temple Revolution Pandal

                   The pandal made up of sheets around the Shree Datta Temple has become too old. There is leakage in heavy rains. The water is scattered every where. It become inconvenient for the devotees who meditate and make revolutions. The devotees have strong desire to perform the Yagyas or Grahashanti (Pacification / Peace making of the planets in one’s horoscope) near the Temple area, hence it requires a lot of space. Much time is spent in controlling the crowd. The Devotees have to wait a lot for Darshan (Sight of God) as well as for holy dinner (Mahaprasad). The Board of trustees has the intention to erect a permanent Pandal form Shree Datta Temple to Manumental Temple of Shri Nandodkar swami in spacious area around the temple covering all four side without toughing the original Temple construction.

The estimate is Rs 75 Lakhs.


The Road (Leading Towards) the Meditation Cave of Swamiji     

                   Shri P.P. Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj used to meditate in the cave where Shri Datta Maharaj had appeared before Him. The cave is to the south-west of the Datta Temple and one has to go there on foot. It takes half- an hour. The older (senior) persons requires more time. Going up is a steep hill and while returning, it is a complete slope. Being the hilly and rocky region, you have to be very alert and cautious. Now there is a railing arrangement. For peace-making, meditation and spiritual knowledge (progress) it is a very useful place. Only one pathway is available in the hilly region. So the Board of Trustees is intending to build a permanent road or steps for  the devotees.


Cow – Keeping Shed     

                   The Board of the Trustees has the intention to build a shed for the cow-keeping in the Temple area. Milk will be available and it will provide Milk, Curds, Ghee for daily worship rituals. It will provide employment (work) to the cow – keepers. (cow – boys)       


The Temple of Mother Nirmala  River   

                   Mangaon is situated on the banks of river Nirmala. While in Mangaon, Swami Maharaj used to take His bath here. Once while he was taking bath, Goddess (River) appeared before Him and requested to give her a name. Maharaj named her “ Nirmala” and She disappeared. The river is 3km away from the Datta Temple. Many devotees wish to have Her temple in the area. The Board of Trustees intend to plan a monumental Temple of River Nirmala.      


A Hearty (Modest) Appeal To All 

                   You have contributed much in the comprehensive development (progress) of Datta Temple. Because of your Help we have been able to provide many facilities for the devotees. Many projects are nearing completion. Still hence forth we need your co- operation. You can send your help in form of cash or kind by D.D. or Cheque on the nameof Shri Datta Mandir Mangaon.