Special Programs


                  Mangaon is a Holy Place where You will find the birth-place Temple of Shri Reverend (P.P) Tembye Swami Maharaj and Datta Temple Founded by Him. Also uou will see the holy Foot Prints of Swamiji’s Younger Brother Shri P.P Brahmibhut Seetaram Maharaj and Swamiji’s Wife Sau Annapurabai. Her Holy Foot Prints are made of a stone brought from her Death-place at Gangakhed.
                  Swamiji founded the Datta Temple and from His time, there is a big fig Tree (Audumber Tree), A well built by Swamiji, Holy  footprints under the Audumber tree, and wooden pillars erected by Swamiji still attract the attention of the devotees and visitors. By the grace and blessing of Shri lord Datta Maharaj and Shri Swami Maharaj and with the courtesy and support of devotees, the basic and fundamental facilities are available in the rural area like Mangaon.


                   The following (Religious Rituals are performed in such a calm, quiet, serene and holy atmospheric place.

                                    # Sagrahmakha Yaga (Atharvashirsha, Brahmanspatisukta, Ganhom)
                                    # Sagrahmakha Devi Yaga
                                    # Sagrahmakha Rudra Yaga (Maharudra, Laghurudra, Atirudra Swahakar)
                                    # Sagrahmakha Vishnu Yaga
                                    # Sagrahmakha Saur Yaga
                                    # Sagrahmakha Datta Yaga
                                    # Navchandi Yaga (Sahom / Pathatmak)
                                    # Shatachandi Yaga (Sahom / Pathatmak)
                                    # Grahayagya
                                    # Navagraha Jap and Havan
                                    # Jananshant, (Mul Janam, Ashlesha janan, Amavasya Janan etc.)
                                    # Upnayan Prayog (Mouji Bhandan, Personal or Public)
                                    # Vayovasthabhid Shant (Age-60,75,80,100)
                                    # Mrutyunjaya Jap (11 Thousand, one Lakh Twenty five Thousand)


                  All above Medntioned Yagas,Japas Meditation /Recioned) will be Performed by consulting with the hosts,in term of their wishes,In form of Vedokta and Purnokta. Please contact to the office regarding this.